Hydromax Series


The Next Stage of Bathmate Pump Evolution

Improved design and more power. Hydromax Series come with 35% more suction power than the original hydro pump for more safety and comfort.


Pump Featured


Improving Valve Latch

A new Super Flow Latch Valve system allows for one hand filling in the shower, making using and positioning the hydro pump much easier for you.


Enhancing Bellows System

A new Swivel Bellows feature allows full 360 degree positive rotation to give you entire visual chamber viewing plus inclined angle change option for optimum efficiency when used in the bath or shower – or when you are using the amazing new Hydromax pleasure ring system.


Adding Comfort Pad

The addition of our new super soft comfort pads have been a revelation in providing a tighter and more comfortable seal against the body, this means less pumping and less loss of suction. The soft-touch outer edge feels great against the body and the rigid inner tube provides a strong and sturdy shield around your penis from the inside of the bellows. Comfort pads are completely removable for easy cleaning and general hygiene.


Metric & Imperial

A new metric and imperial guidance scale gives you improved visual viewing area, plus upper and lower texturing on the vacuum tube for better grip and control.


Hydromax series is the perfect choice for you. The single best-selling penis pump in the world, Bathmate Hydromax is number 1 for a reason. With 35% more power than our standard hydropump, you’ll experience unprecedented gains.


Available Size:

  • Length 3 Up to 9 inches
  • Girth 6.5 Up to 7.6 inches
  • Pump Range Hydromax 3, 5, 7, and 9

Hydromax Series Lineup

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