HydroXtreme Series

Hydroxtreme Series

Unbeatable Penis Pump Power & Performace

Combining unmatched power with real convenience. HydroXtreme series adding handball pump for maximize pressure to get unbeatable gains


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Advanced Design

Bathmate HydroXtreme series takes your hydrotherapy workout to a new level. It is our most powerful pump. It has the same unique globally patented design, but comes with many additions, such as a Handball pump that works in water for more Xtreme penis pump perception and maximum earnings with the benefit of absolute comfort and control. If you’re serious about P.E. the new HydroXtreme penis pump is the right thing for you.


Handball Pump

With add handball pump to HydroXtreme series (attached to the pump valve or via a flexible tube), Bathmate HydroXtreme lets you control pressure just by squeezing the handball pump, letting you easily get up to maximum pressure


New Comfort Pad

Part of the improved design of the HydroXtreme models is the addition of the updated comfort pad which is inserted into the base of the gaiter for added comfort, support and suction power. The release valve has also been improved to allow the simple and easy one click attachment of the hose attachment and handball pump.


Free Accessories

As part of helping you get the very best from your pump, we include a free Bathmate accessory kit with every HydroXtreme pump, including the following products: Carry case, Cleaning Sponge, Handball, Comfort Insert Pad, Hose Attachment, Bathmate Clean, Security Lock, Shower Strap, and Wash Towel


HydroXtreme range designed to accommodate users wanting an even greater level of power from their penis pumps. By incorporating an easy-to-use handball into the pumps, we let users adjust the pressure inside the pump, maximising performance and gains.


Available Size:

  • Length 3 Up to 11 inches
  • Girth 6.5 Up to 7.6 inches
  • Pump Range HydroXtreme 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11

HydroXtreme Series Lineup

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